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In November 2017, JobCoin will launch the world’s first Influence Token as part of the JobCoin mobile app.  Over the next 5 years, a total of 100 billion JobCoin tokens will be distributed on the public Ethereum blockchain to fuel ShopO’s activation of the world’s first Global Influence Graph (GIG).  

When ShopO’s GIG economy is operating in all 242 countries (see, we believe that the market cap for JobCoin tokens will grow to $100 billion and thereby reward the first and current holders of JobCoins and the early adopters of ShopO with JobCoin price appreciation from $0.01 to $1.00 each.

To make this vision a reality, our plan is to use JobCoins to influence participation in the GIG economy by rewarding the entrepreneurial skills of ShopO’s network of 10+ million geographically dispersed women. These ShopO Circle Leaders will be given the startup funding, software tools and video training necessary to provide cross-border, personal shopping services to 200+ ShopO Circle Members in each of their individually owned businesses. US merchants can thereby sell products to the 1.8+ billion Facebook users outside the US.

 After growing her ShopO Circle to at least 100 Members, each Circle Leader will be able to earn 10,000+ JobCoins per month as a reward for responding to Community-, Cause- and Commerce-related Tasks. The JobCoin value of each Task is shown in the Workplace and saved in the Wallet provided in the JobCoin app.

JobCoins are currently valued at $0.01 each and can be purchased for cash or earned by performing real world Tasks (e.g., sharing the Worldreader global literacy app, viewing an offer, etc.). They can also be traded for collectible 1,000 JobCoin Notes with famous peoples’ photos (in a manner similar to collecting cartoon monsters’ images in Pokémon Go) or spent on physical products in the ShopO Stores Marketplace.

JobCoins are earned in the Workplace, saved in a Wallet, added to Collections and spent in the Marketplace.


NOTE: The JobCoin eco-system also includes other WorldShop apps that support earning and spending JobCoins such as the ShopO Circles and ShopO Stores apps.

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