The WorldShop Vision and Suite of ShopO Apps

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WorldShop LLC was founded on July 4, 2013 to build, launch and recruit members for the world’s first Influence Operating System (OS). To provide the necessary scale and defensibility, WorldShop envisioned itself as a joint venture vehicle between UPS, Western Union and Facebook.

These “joint venture” partners were needed because of the features required to realize:

The WorldShop Vision
Imagine a day when any person on the planet with a smartphone is
just a chat or tap away from requesting any US product, approving the purchase,
receiving the delivery, opening the package and paying in local currency.

While ambitious, this vision is achievable because the Influence OS allows us to combine the delivery connections of UPS, the trust connections of Western Union and the friend connections of Facebook. This combination enables WorldShop’s people-powered, offer-sharing, eco-system to deliver increases in the # of cross-border shipments, the amount of money transferred and the value of non-US ad impressions.

Progress to Date

During 2013 and 2014, WorldShop developed the core Influence OS concepts and acquired exclusive rights to the ShopO™ and JobCoin™ domain names as the basis for our ShopO Circles mobile app and our JobCoin Influence tokens, as shown here in a 1,000 JobCoin Note:  

On December 14, 2014, UPS showed their belief in the WorldShop Vision by signing a long term strategic alliance and investing $2 million at a $20 million post-money valuation for an initial ownership interest of 10%. Subsequently, they purchased the right to buy up to 35% of WorldShop for an additional $6.7 million.

The ShopO Apps

During 2015 and 2016, WorldShop developed the ShopO Suite of Apps for the Influence OS, including:

ShopO Address is currently working in 200+ countries and provides for a Free US address to any of the 4.5 billion people on the planet who have a cellphone.

ShopO Circles and the ShopO Circles mobile app is being tested in 3 countries with an initial group of 10+ ShopO Circle Leaders who are providing in-country and cross-border personal shopping services for their 300+ Circle Members.

ShopO World and the ShopO World mobile app is being tested in 3 countries with 10+ shopping tours being successfully completed with $______ of products being purchased remotely and delivered locally.

ShopO Offers and the ShopO Offers feature of ShopO Circle Leaders mobile app is being tested in 3 countries with 100+ offers being shared daily and of these ______ offers being reviewed by ShopO Leaders and Members in exchange for ______JobCoins and __% being acted upon in exchange for _____ JobCoins.

For each of the ShopO Apps, the JobCoin Currency has been chosen as the “influence token” that will be used to reward each of the participants in the ShopO Marketplace.


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