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Imagine a day when any person on the planet with a smartphone is just a chat or tap away from requesting any US product, approving the purchase, paying in local currency, receiving the delivery and opening the package.

To achieve this vision, our service removes the barriers that people outside the US encounter when they try to find, purchase and ship the incredible variety of US products that are just a few clicks away for any US resident.  Serving the planet’s population of 7+ billion people is a big goal. However, our plan is to start by focusing on the 4.5+ billion who have cellphones and the 2.0+ billion of these folks who are on Facebook.

WorldShop is founded on five big ideas. These big ideas are attracting the big partners we need to implement our plan for exponential growth and positive global impact. Specifically, our plan is to work with these partners to give each and every one of the 1.8+ billion non-US residents on Facebook: 

  1.  a US-based mailing address and a jointly managed e-mail account to enable each person (in combination with her or his US-savvy shopping assistant) to operate as if she or he were a US resident

  2.  a low-cost method of consolidating packages and trans-shipping them from each person’s preassigned US address to a designated recipient’s local address thereby ensuring easy access to any US merchant’s product

  3. a valid US banking identity, personal account and online payment method to facilitate earning, saving and spending in a US Dollar-denominated financial system that is free from local government corruption
  1. a range of opportunities to earn merchant-provided promotional funds that can then be used to purchase products in our marketplace thereby giving everyone a way to afford to shop from US merchants, offset import duties and access the long tail of products available in the US
  1. a part to play in reaching 100% global literacy in English by enrolling prospective students, identifying effective teachers and/or encouraging students with their reading, writing and arithmetic because these English-based skills will open up tremendous learning and earning opportunities for billions around the world

WorldShop’s ultimate goal is to give 7+ billion non-US residents easy access to the abundance available to US residents.  Working together with WorldShop, you can help make this vision a reality.

App Example – a ShopO Circle Leader helps one of her Circle Members shop for products from US merchants     


NOTE: is WorldShop’s brand name, web domain and mobile app for the service that gives non-US residents easy access to any US product.

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