JobCoin Master Ledger

One of the unique features of the JobCoin currency is that it uses smart digital contracts on the blockchain to maintain a fully public, master ledger of the Chain of Ownership of each 1,000 JobCoin Note.

Below is the filtered subset of the JobCoin Master Ledger for the Mougayar 1,000 JC Note which show only those filtered transactions that involve this particular holder of this particular JobCoin with this particular serial number.

As you can see, both the Original Owner and the Current Owner are available for anyone to review and confirm.  In this way, there are no need for private wallets because any individual's wallet is just a query against the fully public Master Ledger. This is a security feature because no user need ever worry about losing a wallet or a piece of currency.

Here is the current Master Ledger:


 JobCoin Master Ledger


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