Why We ShopO

Not everyone can win the Birth Lottery

Warren Buffet says he won the "birth lottery" because he was born in country where opportunities for around every corner and all he needed was a good education and a few mentors to invest in his life.

 However, if on August 30, 1930, instead of being born in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, the birth lottery had spun a few seconds longer and the essence of Warren Buffet had instead been born as a woman in:

  • Mumbai, India
  • Kiev, Ukraine
  • Bogota, Colombia
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Berlin, Germany

Does anyone believe Ms. Buffet would have become the world's richest man in 2008?

A Second Spin at the Birth Lottery

Even to someone born healthy and in America, life can be pretty cruel.  The good news in there are often folks around who will see "infinite worth" in the eyes of someone who looks like the she might be the "least among us" and decide to invest in giving her a second chance at the opportunities that are available for those who are ready to work hard.


About ShopO

Imagine a day when any person on the planet is just a chat away from requesting any US product, approving the purchase, paying in local currency, receiving the delivery and opening the package.

The launch of the ShopO Suite of Apps you’re reading about is the first step towards making that vision a reality.

As explained in the ShopO video above, we believe that everyone on this planet is worth investing in. 

These investments can be simple, daily, gifts of time and attention such as smiling at a waitress, giving directions to a stranger, listening to a friend’s problems, sharing a link to a favorite app or reading bedtime stories to a child.  Or, these investments can involve more substantial time and/or financial commitments such as teaching someone to read, hiring a part-time worker at Freelancer.com, loaning money internationally using Kiva.org or investing in a startup idea on Indiegogo.com.  No matter what form they take, these investments are worth making because investments in people pay everlasting dividends.

In our eyes, you’re already a world-changer because you’ve been investing in people your whole life through the social connections you’ve made.

In fact, your expertise as an investor in and influencer of family, friends and co-workers can be seen when you look at the number of people you connect with using your phone. This is true whether you access these folks by texting, calling or using social media apps like:  Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and/or Instagram.

If you count only the folks who live fairly close to you, you’ll see that you could easily reach out to 50+ Facebook friends, 50+ phone contacts and 50+ school or work colleagues.  This means it would be possible for you to share the ShopO vision with 150+ people who, if they live outside the US, would likely appreciate hearing about the possibility of ordering a US product, avoiding high international shipping fees and paying a discounted group price low enough to cover the cost of customs duties and taxes.


And so, we’d like to ask your help in making your friends aware of the ShopO Suite of Apps and the services they provide.  

You can do this by offering to buy products for them from the US (and possibly making some extra money for handling their orders) or more simply by sending them a link to this page.  And while you’re sending links around, don’t forget that we’re also trying to get 1+ billion people to download the Worldreader Mobile Library app which offers free access to 47,000 books in 43 languages.

For many of these investment tasks related to spreading the news about ShopO, you have the opportunity to earn JobCoins. As shown below, the 1,000 JobCoin Notes can be used to track your progress as an early supporter of ShopO and an awesome influencer of others to join our cause.

Are you willing to help?

Together we have the power to improve not only you and your friends’ lives by providing access to US products but also the lives of people around the world. We can speak boldly about this because we’re investing 50% of ShopO’s profits towards achieving 100% global literacy in English, empowering 10+ million women-owned businesses and reaching 1+ billion people with products, services and job opportunities that will improve their lives.

With an ultimate goal of giving 7+ billion non-US residents easy access to the abundance available in the US, we have a lot of do. 

So, let’s get started.