Limited Edition: Collect the Benkan Group 1,000 JobCoin™ Note -- May 2017 Honoree

Limited Edition: Collect the Benkan Group 1,000 JobCoin™ Note -- May 2017 Honoree

  • $100.00

The May 2017 Honoree for the 1,000 JobCoin Note is the Benkan Group

Here is their story the site:

If you'd like to purchase one of the first 100 Serial #s for her version of the 1,000 JobCoin note, please do so below for just $100.  The $90 that you pay over today's $10 current market price for a 1,000 JobCoin note will be donated by WorldShop to  

You will also be remembered as the Original Owner of this particular note and as such, there may be a future reward for being an early supporter of ShopO based on the action you take today to invest in the lives of others.

Here is what the note looks like with the exception that we are in the process of asking Okanta Kate to sign each of these 100 limited edition notes and so, your note will have an actual signature of the honoree which may make it more valuable:

Benkan Group

The Benkan Group's Story

Djamako is a housewife and sheep farmer. She is 43, lives in Mali and is a married mother of three children between the ages of 13 and 23, including two boys. She is the one standing next to the ram in this picture: 

She has been in this business more than 9 years. She buys and sells her animals at her local markets. She can earn an income of 30,000 FCFA per month. She is asking RMCR for a loan to increase her sheep business. The loan will be used to support family expenses: health, clothing, food, etc. She dreams of being a major breeder in the area and a useful member of the community.

In this group: Porgnere, Djeneba Tymagna, Porcho, Fanta, Minata, Diamako, Djeneba, Kemita, Assan, Diarrah

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