ShopO Black Card -- Initial Purchase -- Circle Leaders Only

ShopO Black Card -- Initial Purchase -- Circle Leaders Only

  • $125.00

One of the advantages of being a ShopO Circle Leader is that you are provided with a US-based debit card to use when purchasing from US merchants who will only take a debit card that is backed by a US bank and US company.

After a Circle Leader has completed her initial training at the ShopO Academy and been certified as "Black Card Qualified" for US e-commerce transaction, she is allowed to purchase her first ShopO Circles Black Card.

As a loan in support of the ShopO-wner's business, we will pre-load the Black Card with $1,000 USD (or however much she has been approved for during her training). These funds can only be used to buy US products that are shipped to the ShopO Circle Leader's address for her own or her members use.

When the full $1,000 has been used, the card will stop work until additional funds are reloaded onto it. This is accomplished by the Circle Leader purchase a Black Card -- Funds Reload in the desired amount. 

Black Cards are delivered by email and contain instructions in how the Circle Leaders should use them. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

Black Cards are a restricted item and only available to approved ShopO Circle Leaders who have completed all of the requirements related to the ShopO Academy and to applicable US Banking Laws (e.g., Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, etc.) and the banking laws of the Circle Leader's own country.